Family Dentistry

Dr. Alice Caners, DMD

Alice was born in rural Manitoba to a farm family of 16 children.  In 1982, she completed her studies at the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Dentistry, graduating with awards in Periodontics.  Alice has practiced dentistry for over 28 years.

Dr. Caners attended and participated in study clubs for periodontics, orthodontics, and implants and is an avid participant in continuing education.  As part of that continuing education, Dr. Caners attended 6 successive highly specialized and in-depth seminars at the Seattle Institute for Advanced Dental Education, covering topics such as Occlusion, Practice Management, Interdisciplinary Studies, the Facially Generated Smile and other specialized courses of study in clinical dentistry.

Dr. Caners' interest in cosmetic dentistry stems back to the first ten years of her career, when she had an orthodontic and general family practice.  She has continued her interest in this area in her cosmetic and general practice in Port Coquitlam. She is dedicated to continually expanding her clinical skills, and providing the best care possible for her patients.

Alice is a mother of two daughters and one step son, and lives in nearby Langley with her husband.


Our philosophy is one of prevention. We believe in being proactive in our patients oral health, and providing information allowing our patients the ability to make a truly informed and educated decision when it comes to the health and well-being of their smile.  We believe in choice. We strive to give our patients options and guidance towards maintaining or regaining their optimal dental health.  When presenting to each and every patient we make every effort to balance the health, comfort and financial investment they're making. Often, proceeding with "baby steps" to attain the ultimate goal or desired end result is the best approach.

Dr. Caners believes strongly that your smile means so much.  We strive to bring out a person's willingness to smile and show off beautiful and healthy teeth that they are proud of.  Allowing our patients to smile with confidence opens up opportunities in every facet of life from business to personal.

Each patient's smile is individualized to that person for maximum effect.  Not everyone suits or wants a porcelain white smile. Our priority lies in ensuring your smile is a perfect match for you. Being proud of your smile, smiling broadly and having a healthy functional mouth is our optimal goal.


At our office, our goal is to have our patients so in tune with their teeth, gums and oral health that they notice when things are 'not quite right' at a very early stage. Early detection allows prompt action - the solution takes little time, costs significantly less and, most importantly, leads to minimal or no inconvenience or discomfort. Often, early detection can avoid the costlier and more invasive treatments such as root canals, gum surgery or crown and bridge work.


At Dr. Caners & Associates, we feel our practice and principles are best symbolized by the leaf. Strong and durable, yet gentle, the leaf is ever- changing with the seasons, always growing, and it renews itself each year. The leaf is an offshoot of the tree which has strong roots and trunk, yet still has the flexibility to bend and sway in the wind and adapt to change. The tree and roots are like the back bone of our practice; and the leaf like our approach to each individual patient. We pride ourselves in our ability and commitment to being fluid enough to adapt to each patient's expectations and challenges, and in our ability to be flexible and accommodating to our patient's needs. Much like our emblem, the leaf supports the environment surrounding it - we help our patients through optimal oral health to support an overall healthy body and healthy life.

Why Dentistry?
In Alice's own words

"When I was a child, I dreaded going to the dentist, in fact I swear I could smell that sickly burning protein smell from 2 blocks away, and the windows in the car were not down! I never thought I would be a dentist ...ever! Still not thinking of dentistry I enrolled in first year Science at the U of M. One day I took some notes for a couple of friends who had to miss a class. When they returned, they informed me they had gone to write the Dental Aptitude Test. I thought with my strengths in science, and love of people…..maybe that would be something I should look into. Perhaps I could make dental health something to look forward to, saving people the dread that I experienced as a child.

So off I went to register on a Friday afternoon. It was 4:55 p.m., and I was handing over my last $30 in my wallet to the kindly looking woman on the other side of the registration counter. (I was having second thoughts as it was my weekend money!) We were each holding onto either end of the bills and this sweet, silver haired, lady sensed my hesitation. Still hanging on to her end of the bills, she rolled her eyes to pointedly glance at the clock, and gently said "It is 5 to 5…and we close at 5…and today is the last day for registration." She locked eyes with me and smiled. My fingers opened. I figured it was meant to be.

I wrote the test and got accepted with one year of Science...and here I am! I love my work and everyday is fun for me. I think of that woman often and wonder how and where she is. Now I'm proud to be fulfilling that idea – making dental health care an enjoyable experience from start to finish for my patients and their families."